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Thank You for Requesting a Bridal Appointment!

Our Bridal Specialist will contact you shortly to confirm your appointment!

Things to remember before your appointment:

  • Please be on time. This appointment is for 1 hour and often can't be extended.

  • During your appointment, you will be trying on up to 5 high-end dresses. Please come clean without heavy perfume.

  • Since these are brand new dresses, please don't come with makeup on as it can stain the inside of the dress

  • If you are planning to wear certain shoes or a certain heal height during your wedding, please bring them.

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Who to bring with you to your bridal appointment?

In our over 10 years of helping brides choose their dream wedding dress, we have found that the best and most helpful person is your Mom.


Your Mom wants the best for you and wants you to be the happiest! There is often no jealousy or envy as is sometimes the case with bridesmaids or even siblings.

But, the best person for you to bring with you when choosing your dream wedding dress is the closest person to you who is truly your best friend and wants the best for you. Whether that be your Mom, sister, or best friend.

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